Rock Music

There are different music genres. One of the most popular one is rock music. Quite a number of music enthusiasts like this kind of music. You might have heard about rock artists, their songs, lifestyle,wedding and more. But there are other interesting facts about this music genre that you will make you appreciate it. We are going to provide you with important information about all that you need to know about rock music.This is exclusive. Take a look.

What Is Rock Music?

Rock music is a music genre that is largely centred on amplified electric guitar. The main music instruments used in rock music are drums and electric bass guitar.

This Is The Origin

Rock music originated in United States. It started as rock and roll back in 1950s. This popular music later developed into different styles and spread to UK and other parts of the world. During the development process, it was influenced by other music genres such as country music, blues and rhythm.

rock2Subgenres of Rock Music

The development of rock music led to emergence of subgenres. These subgenres are:

Psychedelic – This subgenre was mainly influenced by psychedelic scene that was very countercultural.

Progressive rock– It emerged from psychedelic rock. More artistic elements were incorporated.

Glam rock– It is characterised by visual style and lays emphasis on showmanship.

Heavy metal– This wonderful subgenre emphasizes on speed, power and volume.

Punk rock– It is very energetic and its themes mainly revolve around politics and social issues. It was popular in 1970s.

Alternative rock– This subgenre dominated the music industry in 1990s. It broke into mainstream media in form of Britpop, grunge and indie rock.

These Are Subcultures of Rock





Emo Goth

Characteristics of Rock Music

The main characteristic of rock music is the sound of electric guitar and drums that are played in a unique style. This is what makes it stand out from other music genres.

Other instruments which are used in rock music include piano, synthesizer and Hammond organ. The basic instrumentation of this amazing music genre was adapted from blues.

Rock music song features 4/4 time signature. Its structure involves verse-chorus. Today’s rock music has diversified to a considerable level. Structure may be adjusted depending on the artist.

Majority of rock music lyrics focus on theme of romance. This explains why most rock songs are romantic. They are a perfect gift idea for loved ones. Many people prefer to invite rock artists in their weddings because their songs are usually romantic.

Rock band is usually in form of quartet. Members of the band play more than one role. They are very flexible and are expected to perform any role given to them.

Rock band members consist of lead guitarist, bass guitarist, rhythm guitarist,vocalist, keyboard player and instrumentalist.

The music is characterised by snare drum back beat which constantly repeats itself.

Its melodies are mainly derived from old music melodies such as Mixoldian and Dorian.

Rock music harmonies include triad, fourths and fifths. It features a variety of harmonic progressions.

It is important to understand that rock music may incorporate other themes such as politics, social issues and more. It is therefore not limited to the theme of romance.

Even though there are no restrictions as to which gender or race should do rock music, you will realize that this music genre is mainly dominated by white men. That is why most famous songs in this music category are owned by men.

Famous Rock Artists

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Trent Reznor
  • Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Mark Tremonti

10 Best Rock Songs

  • Another Heart By Mark Tremonti
  • Do You Know Who You Are By Atreyu
  • The Mephistopheles of Los Angels By Marilyn Manson
  • Amen By Harlestorm
  • Superhero By Faith No More
  • Cut the cord by Shinedown
  • Lydia By Highly Suspect
  • The Vengeful One By Disturbed
  • Could Have Been Me By Struts
  • Footsteps By Pop Evil






Ric Ocasek, a popular rock artist belonging to the famous The Cars band is married to Paulina Porizkova.

Rod Stewart is officially married to Penny Lancaster

Bono of U2 is married to Ali Hewson

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is married to Patti Hansen

Parting Shot

In conclusion, the above information will enable you learn much about rock music, its origin, characteristics, artists, famous songs and more.