Alternative Rock Facts


Alternative Rock

Alternative Rock music does not fit any other genre. Alternative rock music became popular in the 1990’s. Grunge was a type of alternative rock music that denounced commercialism. Grunge took the world by storm. Grunge is what helped to create the very commercial success for alternative rock music. Punk rock was more popular in Britain. The UK is where Britpop originated. Oasis, Blur, Suede and Pulp are the most successful Britpop bands. It was these groups who brought British alternative rock into the mainstream. Common to Britpop groups are local identity and regional British accents.

Indie Rock

Indie rock originated in both the US and UK. This type of music is diverse, with sub-genres that include indie pop and lo-fi. A new wave of indie rock bands started to achieve mainstream success in the 2000’s when the changes in the music industry and in music technology began to take place and advance. When digital technology developed, Indietronica emerged in the new millennium. These band acts included the Broadcast in the UK, Justice in France, Lali Puna in Germany and The Postal Service, Ratatat, and BOBBY in the United States.

Punk Pop or Pop Punk

Pop punk is also widely called punk-pop and this is a fusion type music genre that combines elements of punk rock with other elements of pop music. Punk rock emerged in the mid-1970’s. The characteristics of this music is noted by upbeat pop melodies, hooks, choruses, harmonies, fast tempos, punk rock power chord changes and loud guitars and distorted electric guitars sounds. It was credited to The Beatles, the Kinks and the Beach Boys for paving the pathway for pop punk music.


Grunge delivers a very a raucous guitar sound with lazy vocals. Grunge is also known as Seattle sound. It originated in the mid-1980s in Seattle, Washington. This type of music was very successful giving credit to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and the Stone Temple Pilots. Grunge music suffered a decline during the mid-late 1990’s when bands broke up or became less visible.


Britpop is more of a cultural moment than a musical style or genre. This music shows a variety of elements from the British pop music in the 60’s, glam rock and punk rock in the 70’s, and indie pop in the 80’s, in their own music, attitude, and styles of clothing. Some bands and musicians associated with Britpop music include These Animal Men, Whiteout, Supergrass, Suede, Salad, Powder, My Life Story, Oasis, The Divine Comedy, The Bluetones, Cast, Ash, Blur, and Black Grape.